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Do you own your own business with products to sell?
Are you interested in selling your product online?
Do you need an online storefront to sell your product?
Are you looking for an easy-to-use affordable online solution?
  If you answered "Yes!" to all of the above questions, please continue reading to find out what we can offer you!
  What Is The E-Cart™ Shopping Cart?

E-cart is a full-featured, easy-to-use, CGI based shopping cart that allows you to display and sell your product(s) on the internet. Customers can visit your online store via any Internet browser, view your product(s) and purchase them through a secure transaction.*

  What Do You Need To Use E-Cart™?
A computer with a reliable Internet connection.
  - 56k dial-up, DSL or cable modem recommended.
Pictures of your products (optional but recommended).
An internet-approved merchant account.
Secure and cost-effective payment gateway. E-Cart uses Authorize.net as the default gateway. (for credit card transacations).
  Do You Need A Domain Name?
  It is not required that you own a domain name to use E-Cart™ such as "www.yourstorename.com". We can create any store name you wish on our server and you can still use E-Cart™. Your store name will be prefixed to the ishoppe.biz web address.

Example: http://yourstorename.ishoppe.biz

Note: This is common among hosted stores that do not own a domain name.
  However, if you wish to own and host your own domain name such as http://www.yourstorename.com, we recommend you choose Bluehost as your domain name host provider. Bluehost currently offers professional web hosting for $6.95/month including a free domain name and no setup fee with a one year contract. To visit Bluehost Click Here.(a new browser window will open)
  If you have a registered domain name and a website that is already hosted, you can still use E-Cart™ by adding a link button to E-Cart™ from your website. The image on the lower left is an exagerated example of a "Shop Now" link button. When your customer is ready to shop they will access E-Cart™ by clicking the link button. The link can be plain text.
  How Much Does E-Cart™ Cost?
  Subscription Options
  Level 1 Subscription
  3 Month Trial – Cost: One payment of $60.00
  - Includes 10 Megabytes of disk space
  Level 2 Subscription
  6 Month - Cost: One payment of $120.00
  - Includes 10 Megabytes of disk space
  Level 3 Subscription
  12 Month - Cost: One payment of $220.00
  - Includes 10 Megabytes of disk space
All subscriptions include a 30-day money back guarantee.
Absolutely no setup fee!
Includes one FREE store email account.
Your store can be ready to populate the day of your subscription.
  Click here test drive our demo store!    

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